FaceBook Killed the Blogging Star

I’ve noticed that quite a few of us bloggers have gone into ‘auto-cruise‘ or ‘vacation‘ mode. I remember the days when we used to post every day, or even multiple times a day (Ahh, the wonderful memories of the Triple-P posting frenzy)

I have a theory.

As you can deduce from my title, FaceBook killed the blogging star (you know, like how video killed the radio star).

As with any theory, you must have a way of proving it. That is why scientists conduct experiments – to prove or disprove a theory.

I would like to invite you, my dear readers (who are also bloggers) to participate in this experiment.

Okay before I begin, I just want to say that lots of people are starting to call themselves a blogger nowadays. Worse among the worse of these are blogger-wannabe politicians who used to vilify bloggers.

But I welcome all new bloggers. It makes the blogosphere more interesting. More colourful with more variations. More powerful.

I still remember the time when someone laughed at me for writing on a blog. “You’re crazy,” I was told. “You must enjoy talking to yourself“.

“Ouch,” I cried in my heart.

“Don’t listen to them,” I consoled myself. “Don’t believe it for a second. You don’t talk to yourself.”

“Okay,” I consoled myself. “One day they will understand.”

“They will understand,” I promised myself. “They must understand!”

Then something inside me told me to quit that first blog hosted on Tripod.

Okay, moving on to the experiment!

1) How much time do you spend on Facebook each day?

2) How many blog posts could you have written in that amount of time?

There are several possible outcomes I can think of right now:

A) You don’t use FaceBook. Come *wheeze* Join the dark side *wheeze* Together we can rule the galaxy, as father and son *wheeze*

B) You spend time on FaceBook, but can still maintain your posting frequency. Congratulations! You have a lot of free time!

C) You spend time on FaceBook, and it has affected your blog. Someone should find a way for me to write blog posts from within FaceBook!

So which category do you fall under?

P/S: If you’re on FaceBook please add me. Just search for Adino Chang. If you see a picture of Sushi my Manja Shih Tzu then you found me.

I think my wife has more than a hundred friends and I don’t. It makes me feel… inadequate.

I’m strangely hooked on Perfect Warrior. And my Battle Pets team “Purple Dandruff” is trying to move up the ranks.

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