Expectations and Fears of an Expecting Daddy

Over the weekend I’ve been thinking a lot about baby Rachel. There’s just three and a half more months to go, and so many things that are going to change in our lives.

The things I’m looking forward to (in random order) are:

1) Meeting her for the first time. I keep dreaming about that moment, and she smells so sweet and looks so cheerful. However, I am aware that the first time I meet her she’s probably going to be covered in my wife’s blood and crying really hard.

2) Hearing her first laugh. I hope I can make her laugh all the time.

3) Hearing her call me “daddy” for the first time. I’m going to reward her with a thousand kisses!

4) Getting her first kiss.

5) Her first meeting with Sushi my fluffy Shih Tzu. Cuteness squared! (That’s cuteness kuasa dua if you don’t get it)

6) Letting her wear the baby clothes we already bought for her. We had a hard time choosing baby clothes that weren’t too indecent. OMG you should see some of the see-through clothes they’re selling. Scandalous!

7) Her first meeting with her cousins. Did I say cuteness squared yet?

8) Placing her in my father‘s arms for the first time. Seeing my mother‘s face when she meets her grand daughter. Letting Rachel meet her aunty Lydia. Presenting baby Rachel to her great-grandmother.

9) Teaching her how to swim. I hope she loves to swim, because I’m paying condo maintenance every month and it would be nice to make full use of the pool. I would wash my car beside the pool if I could park there.

10) Taking lots and lots of photos of her. And then posting all of them on this blog.

At the same time, there are things I’m worried about:

1) I’m worried about the delivery. It hurts my heart to think of the pain Poey Chin will have to endure.

2) Will baby arrive at an inconvenient time? Like when we’re in the middle of church service? Will I have to drive like a mad man to reach the hospital in time?

3) Will baby be tall? Short? Small eyes? Big eyes?

4) Will there be anything wrong with her? I just want her to be completely healthy.

5) How will I know how to hold such a fragile thing? You should see how often I drop stuff. And how often I sit on stuff. And how often I sleep on stuff. My hand phone now has a crack on its screen.

6) Will she be allergic to my dog? Will Sushi be aggressive and jealous towards her, or will he treat her as his new best friend? Will they chase each other around the house? Will Sushi let her ride on top of him?

7) Will we be good parents? Will I do everything right?

8) Will she like me? Will I be her best friend?

9) What do I do with boys coming after her? Will she marry the right person?

10) Will I live long enough to make sure she is able to be independent?

That’s all for now. I feel better after writing about it. Frees my mind from going over these things over and over again, plus it feels good to share with somebody.

By the way, I know that Rachel is a common name. However, most parents today won’t choose common names. They are choosing more unique names. So if fewer people choose common names, common names become uncommon names and vice versa. That’s going to be my theory.

And no, there wasn’t any influence from Jennifer Aniston.

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  1. I’m reading this post in 2011, Rachel is 3 and a half years old, and she has exceeded our expectations!

    Was very nice to look back and remember my feelings back then, though I have to laugh at some of the items!

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