Equatorial Hotel Melaka

During our last holiday in Melaka we stayed at the Equatorial Hotel.

I made reservations online which I think was a good deal because it came with F&B credit which we could use or use to offset the accommodation charges. It was an even better deal because we went during the off-peak season.

We got a standard room that faced the city and could hear all the sounds of the school next door. On one of the days they even had band practice.

I was so impressed that Poey Chin could name every instrument that was playing and could even tell me what they were supposed to play, and she could guess what the band was going to do based on the way the drummers played!

I never saw this side of her before ?(TM)? ?(TM)? ?(TM)?…

This is the standard (deluxe) room, which looks smaller than we are used to, but comfortable nevertheless. The room was clean and everything we needed was provided for.

Comfortable sheets on a king-sized bed. How we miss that king-sized bed now!

Advice for couples: get a king-sized bed else once you have 1 or 2 babies, daddy will have to sleep on the floor.

This is the other half of the room.

Rachel got used to the bed pretty quickly…

I always check out the bathroom and toilet when I go into the room. This will tell you how clean the hotel room is, and I also want to make sure everything is working.

Mini bar area. Hot water flask, milk powder, Twisties, milk bottle, pineapple tarts and watch not included.

Who would buy any of these…

Especially if there was a shopping mall next door?

Staying at the Equatorial Hotel was really convenient because it was within walking distance to two shopping malls (Mahkota Parade and Dataran Pahlawan), Melaka Raya commercial district, Jonker Walk and Melaka historical sites like A-Famosa and the Malacca Sultanate museum.

Whether we were on holiday or not, we still have to go chasing after Rachel when she plays with things she’s not supposed to.

I want to go swimming, I want to go swimming!

We went for a swim at the beautiful hotel pool. There were three or four sections to the pool. Some areas for swimming, some for just sitting and chatting, a wading pool and a little aquarium pool for you to do dolphin tricks (don’t ask).

One thing I noticed about the staff at the hotel, they are well trained to be friendly. Everyone (and I mean everyone) will smile and greet you when you pass them, even the cleaners who are busy cleaning!

To sum up my experience…

Cleanliness: clean and no smoker smell. Comfort: what you would expect for the price. Service: friendly, courteous and helpful. Price: not a budget hotel, but affordable if you get a good package. Food: buffet breakfast was well stocked, fresh and delicious. Facilities: the pool was ‘interesting’, the pool changing room looks nicer than our room’s bathroom. Location: excellent.

8 thoughts on “Equatorial Hotel Melaka”

  1. waaa…
    i so wanna see rachel…
    bet i cant carry her d now…

    no doubt the hotel u stayed in is vr comfy…
    stayed there before…and the room is like so huge…

    Adino: Huge meh? It looks kinda small to me… maybe you stayed in the expensive rooms!

  2. EQ is one of the best hotel in Melaka

    Adino: I have to agree, but then I have not stayed at all of them, so for now I have a biased opinion!


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