Batteries - By John Seb

I don’t know if any of you notice this about yourselves.

When you were a child, you virtually have unlimited energy. I watch my daughter Rachel and her cousins. They can play all day without feeling tired.

I think back to my childhood. Each morning I couldn’t wait to start playing, and I didn’t stop even when it was time to go to bed.

The days seemed to flash by without me realising. There was so much to do, so much to discover!

My aunties tell me that I used to jump all around, all day. They couldn’t keep me still. Now, Rachel is the same.

When I was a teenager, I was able to do so much within a single day. In the morning I would cycle a few km from Subang to USJ 13 to play basketball for two hours. Then I would cycle all the way back home.

Within the same day, I could meet up with friends for a game of badminton, and maybe bowl a couple of games. That very same night we could go out for a movie, and then I’d have the energy for computer games before I went to sleep.

When I started working, many of these activities stopped. At the most, I could do one activity a day. Maybe a jog before or after work, or maybe a quick swim.

There isn’t any energy left after a day at work.

When I started dating, physical exercise stopped altogether. My time was spent going out, watching movies, eating at restaurants. I started to look like a Biggest Loser Asia contestant (the ‘before’ version).

Now, I am fortunate if I can muster the energy to exercise even once a week. I go for a walk in the park with my girls and I’m exhausted. I go for a swim, and I have to nap a couple of hours to recover.

Don’t even ask me to think about cycling a few km. I dread the thought of even cycling up the SS18 hill slope.

I wonder if this energy situation of mine is due to natural aging, or is it due to my diet and lifestyle?

Do any of you have similar experiences? Do I just need to exercise more?

Photo by John Seb

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8 thoughts on “Energy”

  1. Beng is right – too much of a sedantary lifestyle makes one “lazy” & making that 1st step to exercise is the most difficult. however, once you get started, the next sessions become easier but you need to be consistent to reap maximum benefits. exercising 3 times a week is barely the minimum but it’s a good start.

    believe me, regular exercise improves your stamina for work & zest for life.

    all the best!

    Adino: Thanks for the tips, doc!

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