Driving With A Smile

This holiday season, the road safety campaign is called Drive with a Smile. They are trying to encourage drivers to drive courteously, calmly and patiently.

I don’t know how you can still smile after being stuck in kilometres of traffic jams, but I was definitely smiling today.

This morning as I was going to work, I was smiling all the way because traffic was so light. It was like Sunday morning on the Federal Highway.

For my overseas readers, tomorrow will be Hari Raya Aidilfitri, a holiday celebrated by all Muslims. To celebrate this holiday, most families leave the city to return to their home towns.

I look forward to driving to places such as KL city centre within 15 minutes.

I love holidays, don’t you?

Drive safely if you’re travelling, and enjoy the empty city roads if you’re staying behind!

Photo: Aleksandra P

7 thoughts on “Driving With A Smile”

  1. Yup…will be enjoying the empty city roads…if we get out of the empty Kota Kemuning township.

    Adino: Better enjoy this once a year opportunity!

  2. Yes, I was smiling all the way to work this morning… hehehe.

    Adino: It will be depressing to start work again next week, when the traffic resumes its normal level

  3. I love to go shopping malls when holidays, easy to find parking, not crowded and no traffic jam.

    Adino: Actually during holidays it’s jam packed at shopping malls, better to go during office hours!

  4. Yeah, I didn’t go back to Kampung during this festive season~! KL city is quite empty~~

    : Don’t you wish it could be like this all the time?

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