Double Whammy

I finally got time to post this photo up. I had to use my Canon point and shoot because my Nikon was too far away for me to reach.

Last week I told you I was suffering from a foot injury. Some have suggested tendinitis, the doctor said it was a torn ligament. My dad told me that it’s arthritis that he also used to have when he was my age.

In any case, it hurt a lot.

It was in this state that I went to my department team building last weekend. My foot felt fine during the treasure hunt. It felt good enough when I was tearing round the go-kart circuit living out my Raikonnen dreams.

It started to hurt a bit as we built a raft out of bamboo poles, nylon strings and some plastic barrels. I was worried that my foot will be shark bait as we paddled the aforementioned bamboo raft out at sea.

As we reached shore, I rushed to help carry the raft back to the assembly point and I stepped on a sharp rock. We were racing to beat the other team, and I was totally exhausted from all the paddling. I lost my balance, and stab!

I had to plaster my heel and couldn’t put weight on my heel when I walked, which aggravated my earlier ligamenta-tendinitia-arthritis, which resulted in another round of hobbling about and getting a lot of motherly love from my wonderful wife.

Some of you also asked me how I could injure my foot sitting down. It’s probably due to excessive weight.

I currently weigh around 84kg. Or at least I thought I did. I was at the hospital the other day playing with the electronic scale and I weighed in at 91kg.

I’m too depressed to continue. My foot is fine now. It will be another couple of weeks before it heals completely. But my heart, my heart.

Who wants to join me on a KFC binge?

12 thoughts on “Double Whammy”

  1. Ouch! Your poor foot!

    Uh, I need to go on a diet myself… can’t join you for KFC binge. Hurhurhur. πŸ™‚

    Adino: Join the dark side… KFC is waiting… with 11 original herbs and spices… the colonels secret recipe… mmmm….

  2. jaga ur foot first la..
    the next coming months u need to jaga PC le..
    and also ur baby daughter

    Adino: My foot doesn’t hurt now. That photo was taken a week ago. Just have to be careful like you say… to prevent further injury.

  3. first yr foot..short term problem-second yr diet: do wat i do cook n eat more veg in the home, bluff yrself by making it interesting looking with more colors e.g. tomato, chilli, carrots, all kinds of beans etc. wife cooks no red meat in the home. u will lose weight in no time. same weight today as 10 yrs ago. 69kg.

    boil, steam n stir fry. but occasionally I beh tahan liao n cook sinful curries πŸ™‚

    Adino: I eat lots of vege, less meat, less rice already. I also try to swim but it’s difficult sometimes with the rainy weather. I think maybe the hospital digital scale got virus la.

  4. Sorry to hear that. Hope you get better soon.

    Adino: Thanks, I’m okay now. That was a week ago. How come you don’t post on your blog so often nowadays?

  5. Aiyo.. like that ar.. hope you can recover fast la..

    Adino: I’m okay now. Just have to be careful for a few weeks, thats all.

  6. Aiyak
    Still KFC?

    Adino: Too sad seeing my weight suddenly increase 7kg. That’s like two sacks of rice. *sob sob* Who want to join me for banana leaf lunch this Sunday?

  7. ouch, we need exercise. I just went go karting too yesterday! We must go before I leave! I looked at my weighing scale and I too got depressed. our jogging routine never seemed to work out. Hahaha

    Adino: I think all of us are too busy to find time to jog together. Anyway nowadays I try not to jog, because my knees can’t take it any more.

  8. It looks bad, sounds bad. from the looks, its definitely not tendonitis since u became the latest action hero. Man, u really damaged ur foot man. As Beng2 said time to stay on diet…

    Adino: I was already on a diet and weight loss program. I thought I made progress until the hospital-scale-with-virus suddenly added another 7kg to my weight πŸ™

    I actually calibrated my scale at home. It can’t be 7kg off.

  9. Heavily preoccupied with other things. Also, I’m – yes – running out of ideas for my blog posts. Any advice?

    Adino: Perhaps you could blog about your experiences studying in the US?

    Or, your posts on physics are always interesting!

  10. Poor foot of yours! Considering reflexology when it heals?
    I am using my KFC voucher for lunch tomorrow – so where you wanna meet?

    Adino: How come you got KFC voucher? But you’re sooo far away, how to meet?

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