Don’t Try This At Home

Remember I told you that I was sick during the Raya holidays? Well, one of the problems that I was having was ulcers in my mouth and pimples in my nose.

And so yesterday I was washing my face and started thinking about the pimples in my nose. They hurt a lot (on both nostrils) and it was causing me a lot of discomfort because it hurts each time I touch my nose.

Now, this won’t be such a bad thing except for the fact that I have this habit of touching my nose quite frequently. I don’t know where I got this from, or when it started. But I will touch my nose as a sort of exclamation point.

If I win a level in a video game. *touch nose*

Finish writing a sentence. *touch nose*

LeBron James does a slam dunk on TV *touch nose*

I’m sitting here trying to analyze my weird nose touching habit and it starts with a tingle on the side of my nose whenever I accomplish something. See, right now it’s starting to itch, and I’m trying… not… to… touch… my…

*touch nose*

Where was I?

Touching my nose frequently, and also the habit of clearing my nose suddenly would be some of my most quirky habits.

So with the pimples I’ve been having inside my nose, I had the brilliant idea of washing the inside of my nose with my facial cleanser.

I had these visions of the facial cleanser cleaning off all the oil and pimples (you know, like how they show it in the advertisements). There would be the cleanser stripping off all the dirt, oil, and the skin would be smooth and pimple free.

So I did that, and immediately my nose told me it was a bad idea.

I don’t know if it was too soapy or if my nose didn’t agree with the avocado scent, but a sharp pain went up my nose.

I washed off as much soap as I could. Then I started sneezing. Non stop. For a few minutes.

After that I sneezed so much I scared poor baby Rachel. The sneezing and running nose only stopped after I fell asleep.

So there you go boys and girls, babies and puppies. Don’t wash the inside of your nose with facial cleanser.

*touch nose*

Photo: Heather Sorenson

12 thoughts on “Don’t Try This At Home”

  1. teach u la better way…
    got pimples use the acne squeezer..(thats wat i call la)
    then place it on the pimple and put a little pressure on it…then poof the yellowish thing will come out..
    bought that from body shop..haha

    Adino: I tried that… it didn’t work. I squeezed and squeezed until swollen

  2. you can actually clean the inside of your nose but not how you did it, next time use a netty pot instead. Google netty pot to see what it is.

    Adino: I’ve seen one of those tea pot things. It seems rather painful… I don’t dare to try it!

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