Dilemma In the Office

I’m in a bit of a dilemma in the office. Here’s the story…

User A: Hello? Doraemon?
Me: Hello… err… it’s Adino.
User A: Doraemon ah… I don’t like the screen this way la. Can you change it to pink colour?
Me: OK.

Next day…

User B: Hello, Adino please?
Me: Yes
User B: Adino, how come you changed to pink colour? Customer complain, don’t like the colour.
Me: But User A requested it…
User B: No no no… change it back

10 minutes later…

Me: Boss, what to do?
Boss: You must get user to sign off before you do anything

10 minutes later

Me: Hello User B? Can I get you to sign off before I change it back? You will need to co-ordinate with User A to come to an agreement
User B: No no no, I won’t sign off because I didn’t request this change. You have to go to User A

10 minutes later

Me: Hello User A? I need to remove the pink colour. I need you to sign off to agree on this.
User A: No no no, I won’t sign off because I don’t want it to change
Me: Sigh…

10 minutes later

Me: Boss, they don’t want to sign la. How?
Boss: How can they be like that? This is not good… *lecture lecture*
Me: Ya I know boss
Boss: Next time you cannot do like this *lecture lecture lecture*
Me: Sigh…

5 thoughts on “Dilemma In the Office”

  1. put black instead of pink!

    Adino: Oh, you mean change the colour… actually the real issue is not changing the colour. It’s much more complicated than that. I just used the pink colour as a simplification of the actual problem, which is one user wanting a screen to display a certain default transaction type and another user wanting to display another default transaction type.

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