Digi SMS Scam?

This morning my wife and I received this message on our phones:

CONGRATULATIONS! Anda memenangi WANG TUNAI RM11,000.00 dari DiGi. Info sila hubungi perkhidmatan DiGi: 006281388573569. Syarat dan Terma Tertakluk.

Sender: DiGi

Straight away, alarm bells went off in my head (it sounds like the red alert alarm on the Starship Enterprise).

  1. Why does the number seem like an overseas number?
  2. I didn’t join any Digi contest
  3. Why doesn’t it address me by name?
  4. Why do I have to call them? They should call me right?
  5. Why mix up English with BM? Doesn’t seem professional.
  6. Why sent to me and my wife too?

Anyone else received this message? Did you call them back?

3 thoughts on “Digi SMS Scam?”

  1. That number IS an overseas number. If I am not mistaken, Indonesian, but I stand corrected. If at all DIGI is going to have a contest to award a RM11,000.00 prize, I am sure they would have advertised this contest well in advance. Usually I just delete the sms.

  2. i’m on maxis so i’m not sure. but the next best thing when u receive this sorta smses is to always delete them. i think it resembles those AF4 scam earlier on…


    hey, i noticed ur blog is always down for half a day (at most) everytime i log in. u might want to look into it and check with ur server or something…

  3. @Pablo: A little part of me was hoping that it was a real deal. The weird thing is I got a missed call from that number yesterday afternoon too.

    @Leishia: Tell me about it. I have complained to Exabytes but they deny there is anything wrong with their server. In fact, I use a web service to monitor my site uptime, and my site will go down once a day on average. Sigh… I wonder if this is affecting my web traffic or not.

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