Complain Complain Complain

stress by macbeck

I’ve been feeling quite down, stressed and depressed lately.

1. Poey Chin’s parents are not getting better.

2. A lot of work, and so little time.

3. My ‘mega’ blog project flopped. Really made me lose hope in blogging.

4. Stress about second baby. May need to hire a domestic helper.

5. Stress about planned birth, especially how Rachel will react, and how to babysit her when Poey Chin is recovering.

6. Stress about Rachel. She’s being very clingy and demanding now.

7. I’m very impatient and snap easily.

8. My mom’s cousin is now taking care of Sushi, because my parents are traveling overseas soon, and I can’t because I live in a condo. It’s the logical and best decision, but still it hurts.

9. Things are breaking down around the house. Need to spend money to replace.

10. I start to doubt my direction in life. Every day is the same routine. Every week is the same. Only problems and troubles break the monotony.

Photo by macbeck / CC BY 2.0

3 thoughts on “Complain Complain Complain”

  1. Getting a domestic helper may create even more unforeseen problems. Just a comment.

    Adino: Yup, there are another set of problems.

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