Cleaning Dell Inspiron 5100 Cooling Fan Part 3

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Recently my notebook has been giving me a lot of trouble. When I run too may applications, or sometimes when I’m watching DivX shows, the CPU will suddenly slow down. I can feel hot air coming out of the exhaust port When I place my hand there.

This is a continuation of a series of posts that document how I cleaned the cooling fan.

Step 9: Clean the fan with a damp cotton bud, cleaning all the accumulated dust.

Step 10: Clean the cooling block as well. The layer of accumulated dust actually becomes an insulation layer that prevents heat from dissipating effectively. You have to reach all the way to the back to clean the grill too, since a lot of dust gathers there are blocks the exhaust air flow.

Step 11: This is how a clean grill should look like (I hope!)

Step 12: Make sure the fan housing is dust free as well

Step 13: Look around the rest of the notebook and clean any hair, dust or food crumbs.

Step 14: Eww, look at all the dust!

Step 15: Put everything back, by reversing steps 8 to 2.

Done! Turn on your notebook to make sure it still works. Your notebook will run at a lower temperature now.
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32 thoughts on “Cleaning Dell Inspiron 5100 Cooling Fan Part 3”

  1. And you are still helping people! Did this today and already a huge difference, nice quiet computer that doesn’t burn you when you pick it up. And mine wasn’t even that dirty. Thank you for the clear instructions!

    Adino: Wow, glad to hear that!

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