Cleaning Dell Inspiron 5100 Cooling Fan Part 2

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Recently my notebook has been giving me a lot of trouble. When I run too may applications, or sometimes when I’m watching DivX shows, the CPU will suddenly slow down. I can feel hot air coming out of the exhaust port When I place my hand there.

This is a continuation of a series of posts that document how I cleaned the cooling fan.

Step 5: Look for a big hole in the middle of the notebook. Remove the screw. Remember to keep the screw in a safe place. I have taken photo from two angles.

Step 6: Remove the metal plate that protects the innards of your notebook from stuff that drops between your keyboard keys. You may want to gently clean any dust you see with a damp cotton bud.

Step 7: You will see the cooling fan being covered by a panel. Remove the three screws covering the panel. Remember to store the screws in a safe place.

Step 8: Remove the cooling fan. Note that the fan’s power cable is kept in place with a clip. You may carefully remove the clip. I placed a piece of paper over the keyboard and put the fan on top of the paper.

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4 thoughts on “Cleaning Dell Inspiron 5100 Cooling Fan Part 2”

  1. Hey, thanks. This was a big help. I hadn’t cleaned my fan in over four years, and the dust was so thick near the heat sink that I thought it was some type of filter pad. It turned out to be a ‘dust’ pad. Thanks for taking the time to post this.

    Adino: I’m glad I could help 🙂

    It’s actually a design flaw on Dell’s part. They should have built a fan that could be cleaned from the outside, without having to open up the notebook. I hope newer notebook models have improved on this!

  2. Thank you so much for this post. I also removed a dust pad from inside. Now I have a new laptop.

    Adino: You’re welcome Chris!

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