Chinese Culture and German Culture Comparison

As a Chinese person, I find this comparison between cultures very interesting, and very true (at least on the red side)! Credit goes to Ms Yang Liu (thanks William Hogan for the link!), a Chinese lady who was educated in Germany. These pictures were part of an art exhibition in Germany held in June 2007.

The left (blue) side refers to German culture, and the right (red) side refers to Chinese culture.

Update: I have just received an email from Ms Yang Liu’s publisher. These pictures have been published, and as such it is not appropriate for me to share them here with you. I have removed all but 3 of my favourite ones.

These pictograms are published in the book “Ost trifft West” (East Meets West), Yang Liu, Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz, 2007 (ISBN 978-3-87439-733-9).


Anger / Displeasure


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