Chim Kindergarten

I was a drop out. A kindergarten drop out, that is.

I remember my first day attending kindergarten at some place called Grace Kindergarten and I cried until my parents came to take me home. I never went back there.

Then my parents enrolled me in Chim Kindergarten, or Tadika Chim. I don’t know what it was, but I was quite comfortable at Chim Kindergarden. I attended the on in Section 14 PJ, but I think they have 3 other branches now.

Why am I suddenly writing about this? Well as I woke up this morning there was some sort of party or ceremony going on in the stadium near my condo. I hear a lot of cheery children song. During the speech, I suddenly caught the words ‘Chim Kindergarten’.

And the memories came flooding back. The memories about my days in Chim Pre School are fragmented, but let me share a few things I remember.

*cue that flash back sound effect from Lost*

  1. I remember art classes. Teacher would give us paper with squares printed on them and we would have to follow the patterns she drew on the board.
  2. I also remember outdoor art classes. We actually had easels to draw on. I think I was too busy trying to mix paint properly.
  3. I remember during craft classes, the cook lady downstairs would come to class and give each student some glue from a pot. Once I saw the lady give a large spoonful of stuff to teacher and she started eating it. And so I ate my glue too. Now that I think of it, maybe the lady gave teacher porridge instead of glue.
  4. I remember being part of a choir singing “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean”. I was kneeling on the floor, singing half heartedly and looking at my knees.
  5. I used to sit beside a girl named Emily. She wouldn’t lend me her colour pencils, and she had such a nice set of err.. colour pencils (you know, the 48 colour sets). Our class was upstairs, and we had to climb this dim staircase to get to class. One day she came running down the stairs and kissed me on the cheek.
  6. I remember our graduation party. We had to bring our own cups, and because I forgot to tell my parents we had to make do with a glass cup. Teacher told me not to break it. I broke it.
  7. I remember our principal had Marge Simpson hair.
  8. I remember posing for the graduation photograph and wondering what in the world was happening and what a ‘graduation’ was.
  9. I don’t remember mixing around at all, an anti-social habit that I continue to have even today.

Did any of you attend the same kindergarten? What about your memories from kindergarten?

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15 thoughts on “Chim Kindergarten”

  1. Interesting writing which brings me back to my memory lane. Things which I able to remember:
    a) headmistress’s hair
    b) food- peanut porridge, fridge bee Hoon and red bean soup
    Should be attending Chim 1987 and/or 1988

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