Tesco Orange Fruit Drink

In the last couple of months I’ve been picking up this Tesco brand orange fruit drink whenever I could find it.

It costs less than 5 ringgit per 1.5 litre bottle. The listed price is RM4.89 but they occasionally have discounts. That’s 20%-30% cheaper compared to other brands.

Last year there were some “orange juice” wars in the newspapers. Remember those ads claiming that they were the real “orange juice” while others were only “orange fruit drink”? Well this Tesco brand is obviously an orange fruit drink.

I have no illusions about this being healthy or natural. But it’s comparable in flavour and texture to Peel Fresh, with orange sacs included.

The Tesco near our home doesn’t seem to have them in stock anymore, I found these at a second Tesco store. They are not found in the refrigerated section. You need to look at the cordials / syrups aisle and keep your eyes on the bottom shelf.

They also have apple and blackcurrant juices. The apple juice is a bit too watered down for my liking. I haven’t tried the blackcurrant.

Plan B Paradigm Mall

Last month Poey Chin and I had a rare opportunity to hang out at the mall because we both had a day off. We would usually try to catch a movie but there wasn’t anything good in the cinema.

Nowadays we visit Paradigm Mall quite a lot. At least once a week, but frequently twice a week. What to do? It’s so near our home haha.

At the beginning I was not so keen to go there. When it first opened there were so many problems such as missing signage, sewage smell, lack of rest areas and confusing elevators. Thankfully all that has been fixed.

There’s so much improvement now and so many restaurants have opened there.

One of the restaurants we wanted to try was Plan B because we saw a lot of interesting photos on Facebook.

We sat down at one of the middle tables near the counter and ordered our food. The servers were rather efficient. We were seated and attended to immediately.

They even brought us a (free) bottle of water. That’s a very nice gesture. Just for that alone, I would go back there.

We ordered a cup of coffee and it was nicely decorated with a heart and came with a biscoti at the side.

I ordered a club sandwich which was really good. The sandwich is a piece of grilled chicken with bacon and vegetables between slices of toast. The sides are deep fried potato / yam and a salad.

The chicken was juicy and moist and the portion was enough for a big eater like me.

Poey Chin ordered a soft shell crab pasta. The pasta and sauce was good and the highlight was the crab, It was deep fried, spicy and salty which made the dish really appetizing.

Oh God it was so long ago (and I admit I’m forgetful) so I can’t remember the prices, but it’s quite reasonable. The bill for our lunch was probably under RM50.

I enjoyed our dining experience though the servers could improve their communication and table-side skills. Our server wouldn’t make eye contact with us at all, and I saw another server actually fidgeting impatiently with his pen when another table was ordering. Maybe instead of fidgeting he could suggest some items for them to try.

But no big deal, because the food was delicious and reasonably priced.

Huggies Dry Pants: Change for Better Convenience (ADV)

My two sons, Daryl and Caleb are both still wearing diapers. We go through packs of diapers every month so we’re always on the look out for the latest when it comes to diapers.

There are so many options out there. Just go to any hypermarket and there’s an entire aisle dedicated to diapers. They come in different types and have different prices from store-brands all the way to premium brands.


Recently we had the chance to try Huggies Dry Pants for the first time.


The unique selling points of Huggies Dry Pants are:

  1. Keeps skin drier and healthier
  2. 100% breathable cover to help keep skin dry
  3. Quick lock system to lock fluids to an absorbent core

All these features come together to help prevent diaper rash.


Before I had kids, I always thought the worst thing about changing diapers is the smell and the yucky factor.

Now that I’ve changed thousands of diapers, I can tell you the worst thing is actually having an active child who keeps squirming around.

A simple diaper change that should take less than 30 seconds can drag on to minutes when you have an active baby. Sometimes I wish I had four arms when changing diapers.

Both Poey Chin and myself love the convenience of Huggies Dry Pants. It’s easier to get the diaper in place even when Caleb is twisting and turning.


It’s usually even harder to change diapers for Daryl who can’t stay still. But this time we managed to get the diaper changed even with his constant movement.


What I really appreciate about Huggies Dry Pants is how you can wear them at the front or back.

With other brands of diaper pants, we usually have to waste precious seconds hunting for the “back” label, then try to remember the correct side while baby is twisting around. Imagine trying to find the label in the dim night light or when we don’t have our glasses on.

Thankfully with Huggies Dry Pants we can avoid this hassle. The end result is a relieved parent and a happy child.

Caleb looks pretty comfortable in Huggies Dry Pants. The waist band fits snugly but isn’t too tight, so it doesn’t leave red marks on his skin.


We can tell that he feels comfortable with the material because we don’t see him scratching or trying to pull off the diaper.

He just went around with his normal activities. Playing iPad.


Playing and running around with Rachel and Daryl.


Changing the diaper is pretty easy as well. All you need to do is the tear, change and release (koyak, salin dan lepas).


It’s pretty easy to tear off the diaper. Just a quick tug is enough.


Overall, we’re pretty happy with Huggies Dry Pants. It’s one of the easiest diapers to put on and change.

The diaper can easily hold more than 4 hours without any leakage. It’s not too tight and the diaper is comfortable. Caleb is pretty happy wearing Huggies Dry Pants.


The special value pack is a pretty good deal. The price of one value pack is comparable to the price of a pack of non-pants diapers from other brands.

You can request some free diaper samples at the Huggies website.

Check out the Huggies Facebook page for the latest updates, events and contests.


This blog post is sponsored by Huggies.