Happy Birthday Sushi

Happy Birthday Sushi!

Today you are five years old. It seems like yesterday when you came into my life.

I remember meeting you for the first time at the pet store. You were a curious bundle of fur eager to come smell our feet and explore any corner you could find.

I remember taking you home and watching this bundle of fur slowly exploring the house, smelling anything you could reach.

Do you remember how you loved hiding under the sofa? It became your cave for a while until we built you a temporary cave using some cushions.

I still feel the joy of having you follow me around the house, and how happy you made our family. For the first time in many years, we actually spent more time together and laughed together.

I feel so bad each day, that I am no longer living with you. My heart breaks when I picture you waiting at the door each evening for me. Good boy.

Ko ko will buy a special treat for you the next time I visit ok?

P/S: Your niece Rachel sends hugs and kisses. She says, “I want to play with your tail again Sushi suk suk”

Joyful Reunion

I was having some sad dreams about my dog, and I realized that I needed to meet him.

Last night I went home to have dinner with my parents, and also to visit Sushi my lonely Shih Tzu.

The first thing he did was to go and get his toy fish to play with me.

Meow meow… I mean… woof woof!

You can hear the squeek squeek squeeks of joy. He kept chewing the toy out of excitement.

Don’t try to snatch my toy from me… I’m watching you mister!

Not so successful close-up, because he refuses to sit still.

Sushi looking at baby Rachel. He was really excited to see her and wanted to go near and check her out, but we kept him away. I continued to sayang and love Sushi so he won’t feel jealous.

Thanks for a wonderful night, everybody! Thanks to daddy, mummy, Lydia, Poey Chin, Rachel and of course Sushi!

Sad Dreams

I’m feeling really sad these past two days.

I’ve not had a good night sleep, because I’ve been having sad dreams.

Two nights ago, I dreamt that Sushi my loyal Shih Tzu died by turning into a piece of ham.

Last night I dreamt that he died.

I’m really depressed. Last night my wife told me that my sister told her that Sushi is still waiting for me to come home every night.

A new neighbour moved in next to my parent’s house, and they have the same car as me.

My heart breaks when I think of Sushi being disappointed day after day.

I think dogs don’t have memories and can’t reason. So imagine him waking up every day wondering where I am, and then day after day, evening after evening having his poor little heart broken when I don’t turn up.

I really miss my doggy. Now I realize that I’ve been pouring quite a lot of effort in my Facebook Pet Pupz to compensate for this feeling of guilt.

Poey Chin thinks I’m being silly of course. But I guess you won’t understand if you’ve never owned a dog.

I’m going back to see Sushi this weekend. I miss him terribly.

Hang in there Sushi, ko ko (elder brother) is coming home soon!