It’s finally over. This has got to be the longest election campaign ever. It feels like it started from 2009.

The results are out and like it or not, Barisan Nasional will govern Malaysia for another 5 years.

Here are some of my thoughts.


I was really upset on the days leading up to polling day. So many rumours and inaccurate information regarding the voting procedures was floating around Facebook.

I’m not saying that everyone was wrong. I’m saying I was so confused with conflicting information.

People need to pause, think and perhaps verify the facts before clicking that share button.

Cheating allegations

In my opinion, it’s not so easy to cheat in terms of the vote count. After all, election observers from both political parties would have confirmed the votes.

If there was cheating going on, I don’t think PR would have won 7 more seats and retained 3 states. Especially not Selangor which BN wanted to win ‘at all costs’.

It remains to be seen if PR has gathered sufficient evidence to challenge the EC results. I hope they do, even though it’s unlikely to change anything.

Rallies and boycotts

Although I’m unhappy with the election results, I feel it’s time for politicians need to start doing the work we elected them to do.

The fact is that popular votes do not determine who wins the election in Malaysia. So stop saying democracy is dead. I actually think democracy is alive from the 80% voter turnout.

Having mass rallies every week could do more harm than good. First of all, you are not winning over any of the people who didn’t vote for PR.┬áSecond of all, you may actually lose some voters who don’t agree with mass rallies. Third, the rallies are quite vulnerable to troublemakers.

Recently there’s some NGOs who suggested taking power by revolution and force? OMG why need to take such extreme measures?

As for boycotts of certain companies, please remember there are ordinary people working in those companies. Ordinary people who hope their company have good sales, so they can enjoy better bonus or pay raise to cope with rising cost of living. Who do you think will suffer more? The millionaire tycoon boss, or the workers?

Racial remarks

My only comment is I hope people will stop fanning the flame.

Someone already said those remarks. Everyone already knows who said what. Everybody knows how to judge right or wrong. By sharing articles on the issue, you are spreading the hate and anger. Each time somebody reads it, the wound is reopened. The flame grows.

So just stop sharing such things that are of no benefit to anybody.

Moving forward

Flame shield: I’ve actually re-edited this post many times. Nowadays you can get flamed just for being critical of PR. Let me just clarify again that I’m a PR supporter. My only wish is for PR to do better in the next elections.

My suggestion for PR is to analyze why they didn’t win GE13. What were the causes for rural voters not voting for PR? For goodness sake please be humble enough to look at your own weakness instead of shifting the blame. I’d feel better if the PR leaders were busy preparing strategy for GE14 instead of conducting mass rallies.

I would like to see PKR, PAS & DAP form an official coalition with a single logo/flag and a single manifesto. Show the people how you will govern as a shadow cabinet with workable action plans and facts instead of criticizing government for the next five years.

As for my fellow PR supporters, please think of the consequences to your actions especially on blogs and social media. Stop making derogatory remarks because you can be considered racist too.

Read some pro-BN blogs. Yes some of the things you read may hurt or even be scary, but you need to understand their concerns and priorities. Most important of all, you get a view from both sides.

Let’s guard against being used by politicians (from both sides) for their gains. Let’s not go overboard in our behaviour until we seem over-zealous and desperate. Let’s be open to criticism so we can improve.

In short, let’s set the example for how we want BN supporters to behave if PR won the election. Would you want BN to hold mass rallies all over the country and cry to the western world that the EC was unfair?

In the end, life must go on in Malaysia. Life is more than PR or BN, more than race or religion.

P/S: I apologize if I sound ‘preachy’. You probably know more about politics than me, and I just wanted to share my (amateur) thoughts.

Holiday In Melaka A-Famosa

Thanks to all who were sporting enough to join “Guess Our Holiday Destination“.

I’m sure you can tell the answer from the title of this post. We were in Melaka a couple of weeks ago. Poey Chin and I decided we needed to take a holiday just to take a break from our daily routine, and decided to make a second trip to Melaka.

The last time we were here, I had a gum infection and could not do anything except sleep and lie down on the bed in pain.

Today’s post will show photos from A-Famosa and the Melaka Sultanate Palace located just next door. After you climb up the small hill (it was quite tiring carrying baby Rachel) we arrived at a burnt church building that was shaded by tall trees.

Some closeups of those stones…

I have no idea why the jolly roger (pirate symbol) was sculpted on the stones. Perhaps it had a different meaning in the past.

Some text sculpted in Portugese.

Looking through a window, you can see the stone slabs against the wall. There was a street busker sitting inside singing and playing his guitar.

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Drama continues to unfold in the silver pond of Perak.

So many frogs are jumping here and there, and so many rumours of frogs just waiting to jump.

Some support the frogs, some are against the frogs, some became anti-frogs.

A lot of unseen things are happening under the water. I don’t know if there are really things going on, or if they are just conspiracy theories.

There are even rumours of frog activity in other ponds like Negeri Sembilan.

I do find this entire episode quite amusing.

If you asked me last year what I thought of this, I would have been upset about the unfairness of it all. But wasn’t I also hoping the same would happen (but the frogs jumping the opposite direction)?

Now, to me it’s just politics. Both sides are doing their ‘job’ so to speak. If doctors cure patients, engineers build and teachers teach, then politicians will politic.

I’m not going to publish my opinions on the legality or ethics of frog jumping. Other bloggers more eloquent than me will be able to give you a better read.

Anyway, the Sultan of Perak will decide today if the dark blue frogs or the red/light blue/green frogs will be the masters of the pond.

I just trust that whatever the outcome, nothing happens without God’s approval.

Photo By: Sisi Fili