Moving In to the Condo

Last night I spent my first night in our new condo! Things are not 100% complete, but it’s livable. I’m staying there so that I can clean and do some touch up after work.

I couldn’t really sleep well because I wasn’t used to the pillow and the new bed. I have to get myself a better pillow. It also feels very lonely and a bit scary there, because I’m all alone.

I will try to take some photos, so watch out for more posts later!

Condo Renovation Progress – Week 5 Part 2

More photos from the progress of my condo renovation.

Master bedroom. Achoo! So much dust!
The bathroom. Ewww… the toilet looks dirty. 10 bottles of Dettol please! But check out my new floor and wall tiles.
This is my living room. That’s the wires for electricity and TV. Sigh… and the previous owner painted the house green.
This is my third room. Again, another ventilation fan, and green walls, and lots of hacked walls.