The dreaded ‘C’ word. I don’t mind the other ‘C’s in life (cash, condo, car, etc…) but hearing about cancer is terrifying.

Poey Chin’s father has been diagnosed with lung cancer.

Poey Chin is really sad and depressed. I feel worried and helpless. How do we handle this?

We have consulted with specialists both in Ipoh and in UMMC and the result/advice is pretty much the same.

Due to old age, some treatment options are quite risky. The family is still deciding which treatment to pursue, or if they even want any treatment.

So far the only options are chemo and radiotherapy, or alternative treatment (someone recommended ozone therapy).

It’s a difficult choice.

Do you take the risk of chemo and radiotherapy, which could cause pain (and even kill you), for a small chance of controlling the cancer growth?

Or do you live peacefully and enjoy high quality life for a limited time?

If  you have experience, heard anything, know anybody or know of any websites regarding alternative treatment for lung cancer, please contact me via email or Facebook message (or you could leave an anonymous comment).

5 thoughts on “Cancer”

  1. Owh.. so sorry to hear abt this..
    Is uncle going thru final stage?
    anyway.. hope all of you will stay around her..
    and support her ya..
    Plz tell PC teacher to stay strong k..
    I’ll pray hard for her..

    Adino: Thanks for your prayers. Right now it is not in final stage, still in stage 2 or 3. Thank God it doesn’t seem to be getting worse.

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