Can You Really Predict Baby’s Temperament?

I have a question for those of you who are parents.

Can you really predict a baby’s temperament before they are born?

I ask this question because we wonder how baby Daryl’s temperament will be like.

For those of you who haven’t spent much time with Rachel, she has been very impatient and demanding from the day she was born.

She cannot wait even a minute if she’s hungry. She will scream and cry until she gets her milk.

When my darling Poey Chin was pregnant with Rachel, she was very impatient when she was hungry.

I would have to rush to take her out to eat, or she would prepare her own meal because she can’t wait for me.

For this second pregnancy, Poey Chin seems to be more patient. Can we dare to hope that baby Daryl will be a patient boy?

Is there really a correlation between pregnancy behaviours and the baby’s actual behaviour?

I mean, we’ve all heard stories how our mummy ate a lot of durian when we were in the womb, and now we grow up loving durian right?

5 thoughts on “Can You Really Predict Baby’s Temperament?”

  1. every pregnancy and kid is different. I had an easy time with my no1 at the beginning but smooth when he is older. Now my no2, is harder to deal with but he was so angelic when he was so young. And the temper are very different too. I think what you eat desn’t reflect the baby temper cos i didn’t touch any crab but both my kids came out with the hands like octopus! never stop touching things.

    Adino: I think we can safely debunk that myth then! Haha I’ve never heard about eating crab and having kids that like to touch everything.

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