Caleb and Daddy

I’ve recently changed my Facebook profile photo to this:

201110 caleb and daddy 1

It’s just so funny and naughty at the same time haha.

We were trying to take a photo together, and I could see Caleb’s expression reflected on the camera lens. So I tried copying him.

But revealed the secret that I’ve gained weight though… so shy.

Attempt number 2, pouting look:

201110 caleb and daddy 3

Daddy and Caleb smiling at each other.

201110 caleb and daddy 2

If everything goes according to plan, I will take a day off work today to take Poey Chin for a day away from all the stress at home.

She deserves a break. At first I suggested a visit to the spa but we don’t really have a lot of time.

So probably just a movie. Otherwise we could end up browsing at the baby section of Jusco again.


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