I’m tired and I feel just slightly dissatisfied.

I feel like there’s something weighing me down, pressing on my shoulders. I don’t have the mood to do anything. It feels like someone has placed some heavy bricks on my shoulders and gripping my heart.

I can’t get a good night’s sleep. It’s hard to fall asleep at night, and I get jolted back awake really early in the morning.

Some changes have happened at work. In short, someone from my team has left the company. The management is insistent that they do not want to hire anyone to replace that person.

That person’s tasks have been divided between the remaining team members. Morale is down. Some of my other team members look like they want to leave too.


Two of us from the team will soon start on a major project, which takes 80% of our time from our current work. This means that my responsibilities have increase by almost 100% but my salary increased only 5%.

A lot of overtime and weekend work is expected of us because of the resource shortage.


I don’t have as much time to blog or visit other blogs now, because I come back all stressed and there’s so much house work to do at home.


The haze is back. Last night and this morning I’ve been suffering from uncontrollable sneezing. Can get MC from YenJai or not? Cannot? Thank goodness I’ve stocked up on Clarinase.


Income tax is due.

Triple bummer.

The good news is I think I’m qualified for another tax rebate. And this year I can walk next door to the income tax department because it’s so near my home.

Triple bummer downgraded to semi-demi-bummer.

The elections doesn’t seem transparent (to me, anyway). Tax dollars used to purchase indelible ink has benefited no one but the supplier, since it won’t be used anymore due to an alleged conspiracy.

But the question is, who are the conspirators? In any case, many more millions have gone down the drain.


The media continues to show bias to the ruling party. Double standards are practiced by the authorities.

Is there true democracy in Malaysia? I will answer this question next week.

The ruling party continues to promise billions of dollars to develop certain states. Don’t be fooled by these promises, you will only benefit from these billions if you are properly connected.

Then there’s the constant fear of another May 13 happening.

In conclusion, there’s just a lot of things going on in my mind. Baby Rachel is coming, and there’s so much we haven’t done yet.

11 thoughts on “Bummer”

  1. Don’t fear a repeat of May 13. If at all there is any of such news, it is rumour mongering. I believe Malaysians who are sick of BN would not resort to violence even if BN wins by cheating in this election. We are far smarter to fall into any of these traps.

    If you follow the propaganda closely, only BN component parties are issuing subtle threats of chaos and disharmony if they are not returned to power. Not a single non-BN party has said that that would be the consequence if voters chose to give BN another vote. Non-BN parties merely say that voting for BN would perpetuate the ills that are affecting our nation.

    So, tell me, if at all there is any trouble, who is likely to have started it? Let us all stand resilient and say no to racial politics or any such threats to strife. We must stand united as Malaysians regardless of race or religion. This is the only way forward for this nation of us.

    Adino: You’re right. We should not fear the veiled threats that have been issued by certain parties. I believe that our society has matured. In the end God is in control.

    However, it’s those other things that are still bumming me out, like heavy workload


  2. Agreed. From what I hear from many people even those close to the BN party leaders, they are really worried. Their talks are poorly attended – which means – people have made up their minds. No amount of posters, tv ads, radio ads will change their minds. Why – the Wind of Change – the Divine Wind has blown. It is now.

    Adino: I’m continuing to pray for a change to happen.

  3. You have many things on your mind, my friend. Hope that all will be sorted out for you soon!

    Let the people speak out on 8th March with their votes. I do not believe there will be another May 13 happening. Like Josh, I believe now is the time for the winds of change to blow… now is the divinely appointed time. πŸ™‚

    Adino: I hope so too!

  4. Its hard to say what will truly happen but I believe among the moderate people all we want is peace. So I think if change was to come. It will be a good things. Hopefully people are ready for it. Not all are

    Bro…don’t be disheartened. This time will pass. We’ll make it through together. Just don’t let out your frustrations in the wrong ways ya. Its a good start already by talking about it.

    Adino: Thanks for your assurance.

  5. [Bummerize] – cast on an employee to make his day depressing; increases target’s responsibility by 100%, but increases target’s salary by 5%. Effect lasts many days.

    May 13? What’s wrong with that?

    There sure is a lot of “bummer”s here. You can write a list to keep track of things to be done. It’s spring break for me and I still have lot’s of things on my mind – so I wrote a list. Cheer up!

    Adino: Spring break! How wonderful! Have you gone sight seeing over there in the US? Visited any interesting places?

    Just google May 13 Malaysia. It was a very sad day in Malaysian history.

  6. time to renegotiate your renumeration & conditions

    Adino: I don’t think that’s gonna work. I already did that two years ago, for a major salary increase… so I don’t think they will allow it again.

  7. Agree with wuching
    Time to renegotiate your renumeration

    Adino: Actually I would just prefer for them to hire someone else. I can’t commit to such a heavy work schedule with my lui lui on the way.

  8. I’m spending THIS break doing nothing – catching homework and having fun, but hopefully next time I can do something interesting.

    Adino: I hope you do… many (like me) can only dream of going to the US, so make sure you make the most of your time there!

  9. no wonder u r tired.. so many bummers in ur life..
    cheer up! it’s friday~~!!! weekend is here!! let’s vote wisely πŸ˜‰

    Adino: Strangely I feel even more stressed as the weekend is drawing near


  10. Life is like that, not everything works according to our will… If can’t run away from “them”, take it easy, you’re not alone…Remember, “HE” is looking after you…

    Adino: Thanks for the reminder.

  11. No choice one.. every company also like that lol.. Squeeze you until you dry..

    Adino: Yeah, it’s probably going to be like that in other companies.

    But it shouldn’t be like that lor… I believe life has to be balanced… cannot be work only.

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