Books I’ve Read in 2010

Here’s a list of books I’ve read in 2010, taken from my GoodReads profile.

Adino Books I've Read in 2010 Part 1

Adino Books I've Read in 2010 Part 2

There are 57 books in the list, which is slightly more than 1 book a week.

You will see many books on bowling, chess, and photography besides the usual fiction.

My favourite books were:

  1. How to Lose Your Love Handles – helped me to lose a lot of weight and transform my eating habits
  2. McDonald’s Behind the Arches – inspirational story, and interesting to learn the history of McD
  3. Behind Deep Blue – story of the historical match from the perspective of the programmer who created Deep Blue
  4. Learning to See Creatively – taught me basic principles of photography with tons on samples

All of these books were borrowed from the library. I didn’t buy many books last year, which is why I hardly used my tax rebate for books.

I didn’t have a reading quota to meet and I wasn’t completing a book reading challenge.

Reading is just a part of my life, something I have to do. I hope my kids will pick up this habit from me.

How many books did you read last year? Do you plan to make reading part of your new year’s resolutions?

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