Bizarre Foods

Last week I tasted some really bizarre foods.

I had my first taste of fresh oyster with a squeeze of lemon juice. I didn’t like it, it just tasted like sea water to me and I don’t really agree with the texture.

I also had a lot of raw salmon sushi, which I normally don’t take. But I was at a Japanese food buffet so I didn’t want to lose out. So kiasu right?

Well, last Saturday night I also had some yellow rice with some sort of super spicy curry. It was supposed to be fish curry but the fish looked like chicken. I mean the fish meat was literally as hard as chicken meat.

Do take note that this chicken of the sea fish curry is important to today’s story.

That evening I had more chicken-that-was-not-a-chicken. We ate from this Chinese restaurant that served chicken that had its meat taken away and replaced with fish cakes and nuts. All was left was the chicken skin.

After that meal, I started to feel really dizzy. That night I was feeling so cold and shivery and I could not sleep. I couldn’t get the taste of the dinner faux-chicken out of my mouth. My dizziness got worse through the night and I had a fever.

And the next day I went toilet so many times I should have shifted my iMac to the toilet. All through yesterday I was dizzy and felt like vomiting, and had a fever. I didn’t eat anything except porridge in the morning.

So the doctor suspects I have food poisoning. No abdominal pains, so that rules out appendicitis.

Andrew Zimmern says if it looks good, try it. But I say if it looks too good, don’t try it (unless you want to experience an express weight loss program in the toilet).

Maybe I this can become a new fat loss dieting fad.

Photo courtesy of: Ilker

10 thoughts on “Bizarre Foods”

  1. this is why i dont like to eat scarcely cooked food at unfamiliar places or non hot drinks at similar places. it is worse when one is traveling and staying with others

    Adino: Also need to be careful of food that has gone bad or past its expiry date

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