Bathing With 3 Litres of Water

You know one bad thing about living in condos? You are charged commercial rates for water. While most people get free water, I have to pay RM20 on average for my water bill.

To save money, I have started bathing with a small amount of water (also known as the stingy bath).

First of all I fill a basin with four litres of water. Sometimes I use runoff water from the water filter in my kitchen.

bathing with 3 litres of water

Take a bit of water to wet my hair and I can use shampoo. Wet my hands a bit more and I can put on body soap.

I take a small plastic water scoop and wash off the shampoo slowly, trying to maximize the water so it washes off the body soap too.

Two or three scoops are enough to wash off most of the shampoo and soap.

after bath

Through some experience, I’ve managed to use only 3 litres of water. Actually I think I can use less if I use a bar of soap instead of liquid soap.

I don’t really use a rubber ducky, but decided it will help to show you the water level.

Poey Chin asks if I manage to get clean with so little water, and I tell her yes because I feel clean. In fact, I may even be cleaner because bathing with so little water means I have to do it slowly.

In fact, I don’t think she is able to tell the difference between my regular shower versus my stingy baths.

I’m not doing this just for money of course. Who’ll be that crazy hahaha…. *twitch twitch* *blank stare*

If it were the money, I have this crazy idea to use the showers at the swimming pool bathroom to bathe and wash my clothes, but I don’t think I’ll go that far… yet.

I think I’m just bored and want to try something different. It’s a fun and harmless personal challenge.

3 thoughts on “Bathing With 3 Litres of Water”

  1. I don’t think I can do that. My hair is longer. If I have short hair then maybe yes. 🙂

    Do you use shower hose in your condo? or you have ‘tangki air’ where you scoop water to take bath?

    Didn’t know water bill in condo is calculated like that.

    Adino: Ya forgot about long hair haha… normally I use shower, no space to put any tangki.

    I think I have to pay RM1.20 per unit for water. Supposed to switch over to individual water meter few years back to enjoy lower rates but seems like no news until now.

  2. i dont pay for my water bill at all (don’t jeles) cos it’s usually below RM5. try a towel bath, that would save even more water 😀

    Adino: Towel bath is a good idea haha

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