Basic Instinct

I don’t know what has come over me.

Two weeks ago I spend an entire Sunday afternoon clearing out my store room.

Then last weekend I spent my time doing this.

It took me a few minutes to get those hangers to balance just right to form a heart shape.

Look at all those diapers and hankies! It felt quite fun doing baby laundry, but I suspect I will grow to hate it if I have to do it every day.

Maybe this is what they call a nesting instinct. Strangely, my wife Poey Chin doesn’t seem to be feeling so much of that.

This weekend we will be washing all our new and borrowed baby clothes! Wait till you see the cute clothes I got for my baby Rachel.

P/S: According to my dad, Sushi my royal Shih Tzu is feeling quite angry because we didn’t go visit him last week. He was waiting all evening at the door for us.

He allegedly retaliated by poo-ing on the kitchen floor.

Naughty boy!

12 thoughts on “Basic Instinct”

  1. The heart shape hangers look cute, does the clothes on it dry quicker?

    Adino: No no no 🙂

    Those are normal hangers… I just arrange them in a heart shape!

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