Bad Omen

I don’t know what is happening to me.

First I get a speeding ticket. Before that, there were some financial issues I can’t talk about here.

And yesterday, while I was eating a cup of Mamee vegetarian cup noodles, I sliced my thumb on the plastic cup, while trying to remove the foil.

I tell you, I bled so much. I washed it under the sink and the blood kept coming out.

I wanted to call for help on my phone. Instead, I took this photo with trembling hands due to massive blood loss.

You see?

Finger vs Mamee Cup Noodles

Okay I know I’m a big baby. It was only a little cut.

But my finger did continue to bleed until I finished my cup noodles.

I came out with this little haiku to describe my recent bad fortune experiences:

My Ramen Omen,
Is a bad understatement,
I need rabbit’s feet

My Ramen Omen
Is a bad understatement
I need rabbit’s feet

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