Baby Names List #1

One of the toughest things that I’m facing right now is trying to find a name for baby. Names just mean so much in the world we live in. Otherwise we would all be called Child 2.4 or something.

To make things worse, my name is Adino. It would be very anti-climatic in the grand saga of the Chang kingdom if I were to call my child Herbert or something. No offense to those of you named Herbert or Something.

After begging and persuading my wife, I have decided to explore some unconventional names.

This is by no means a short list. In fact, it’s a long list. You know, (those of you who memorized it can say it together with me) it’s the draft version of the pre-final version of the short list. Disclaimer: Subject to approval by my wife.

Making things even harder is I’m Chinese. This means I have to think of a Chinese name that will not disgrace my ancestors.

I’m leaving that part to my Chinese educated darling. To make things clear, I only have one Chinese educated darling. Wait. I mean I only have one darling.

Ladies and gentlemen, puppies and mummies (the pregnant kind, not the dry wrapped kind), my list of names (subject to veto by wife):


1. Aeris

This is extremely geeky of me, but this name sounds so right. Aeris (or Aerith) is a character from Final Fantasy 7.

I like the name because it is a very sweet sounding name. It starts with the letter ‘A’ which is great. It reminds people of a sweet girl, which is nice.

Potential problems include mis-spelling as Aries, sounds too close to Alice, and also strong objections from wife who doesn’t agree to naming children after video game characters. “Why don’t you call your son Mario?” I can hear her say.

The name means “Earth”. I’m hoping it refers to the planet, not the pile of dirt worms live in.

2. Aiko

This name means ‘beloved child‘. Notice how the rest of the names have shorter entries compared to Aeris.

3. Miyo or Miyoko

This means ‘beatiful‘. Beautiful child if you add the ‘ko’ to the name.


1. Haruko

This means the firstborn child. I’m sure you’re starting to notice a certain theme going on here.

2. Kazuo

A man of peace. Which is what I like in a son. “Blessed are the peacemakers”

3. Keitaro

This means ‘blessed‘. But I can’t stop imagining that long haired keyboard playing musician who keeps swinging his head around. You know.. Kitaro. Good name if I want my son to be a musician.

4. Kisho / Kioshi

This means ‘quiet child‘. Perfect for those Sunday afternoons.

5. Masahiro

This means ‘wise‘, and would sound very impressive when he becomes a CEO of a company one day. I am MASAHIRO!

It also has the ‘Hiro’ in the name hehe… which would be cool since I’m a Heroes fan.


Okay, number one question on your mind is “Why Japanese names?”

I think they really stand out, especially if I could find a nice name. I would have to do extra research on the names (since its a foreign language).

So, what do you think about the names? Too geeky? Too weird? Too stupid? Unsuitable? Any suggestions?

Update: Check out our final selection of names!

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