Baby Daryl Is Born

Baby Daryl was born today via elective c-section. He was born around 2:20pm, weighed 2.57kg and 47cm.

Baby Daryl Sleeping
He has been sleeping more than 24 hours now, still hasn't woken up to look for milk

So far, we can see that he is not as ‘fierce’ as his elder sister, which is a prayer answered. He seems to be really patient too, until now he hasn’t screamed for milk! In fact, he’s so relaxed we’re a bit worried haha, but doctor said it is normal for babies to sleep after they’re born.

Baby Daryl's first photo
Baby Daryl's first photo

You might want to check out baby Rachels’ photos, see if you can spot any resemblance or not!

Baby Daryl in the nursery
Baby Daryl in the nursery

After bath time, they accidentally put him in a pink blanket because he ‘looked like a girl’, and he looks even more like his sister.

Poey Chin and Daryl
Happy Mummy and Daryl

Mummy was already up and walking early the next morning, to the amazement of nurses. But Poey Chin is a strong girl… the faster she walks around, then faster she will recover.

Adino and Daryl
First father and son photo
Rachel visiting Daryl

Rachel has also met baby Daryl, and keeps wanting to kiss him. We gave Rachel a soft toy from her little brother, but she insists on letting him play with it. Another prayer answered, she seems to have no hostility to her brother (yet)

Before the operation, I was put to wait in a waiting room off the surgical theater. While waiting I took some photos of myself.

Adino in green gown
Wearing a green gown and cap. Later they made me change into blue scrubs and wear a mask before entering the OT.
Adino in pink Crocs
At first I thought I had to wear these pink Crocs. Fortunately a pair of yellow slippers became available.

More photos to come!

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  1. I’m late but I am so happy!!! Was just curious if baby was born…and here he is! Welcome to the world, Daryl! And congratulations Poey Chin and Adino! 🙂

    Adino: Thanks GT!

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