Baby Caleb Updates Again

201110 caleb head up 1

Managed to take some photos to share with you all this week. Well, actually Poey Chin took some of these photos. Thanks to her, we managed to record this moment.

Caleb can now put his head up!

201110 caleb head up 2

When we hold him in sitting position his neck is strong enough to keep his head upright (instead of flopping forward or backward).

Looking in front and still a bit cross-eyed.

201110 caleb head up 3

One effect of his moving his head, is he’s starting to move around in his crib too. Now he can turn up to 45 degrees and can even push himself backward off his pillow.

I love this photo of him sleeping. So peaceful.

201110 caleb sleeping

He is getting chatty. He will make cooing sounds when we talk to him.

He is also smiling a lot. Here are some photos of his sweet smile.

201110 caleb smiling 1

Would you believe I took this photo with my yellow bedroom light? Finally discovered I could adjust white balance to remove the yellow cast hehe.

Big smile from Caleb. Translated from Chinese phrase, “smile until can see the gums”.

201110 caleb smiling 2

There are more photos scheduled for this week so stay tuned!

Since it’s the last day of October, also want to mention that I’m so happy. For some strange reason, my October AdSense earnings were quite high compared to normal.

Not that it’s a lot of money involved. Maybe I can order a few cups of teh tarik… but I’m just happy for the unexpected bonus.


4 thoughts on “Baby Caleb Updates Again”

  1. kids are the cutest when they are little & helpless!

    i would like to have a teh tarik with you one day & exchange parental stories!

    Adino: Yeah, at this age you are their world and they are also absolutely compliant.

    Would be nice to trade ‘war’ stories but I suspect you’ve got more experience and stories to share!

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