Archive Treasures

This has been a great week for my blog. I recorded a record 400 visitor count for my post “I Hit My Wife This Morning“, and then followed the day after with 250 visitors for the post on naughty wife photos.

The sad thing is, all this had zero effect on my AdSense earnings. I do hope that I have at least got some new readers (please please please leave a comment to say hello).

This weekend I will leave you with some of my favourite posts from my archive.

1. Dealing With Extreme Frustration

I wrote this article to study what makes me feel extreme frustration. Perhaps you could add your personal experiences on how you deal with frustration.

2. Dealing With Difficult People

I wrote this at a time when I was facing persecution from a gang of difficult people at my work place. Read my three suggestions for dealing with difficult people.

3. Sushi Spring Fashion Show

See Sushi my model Shih Tzu show off his baju (clothes).

Have a safe and happy weekend everyone! I will be back with a new post on Monday morning.

3 thoughts on “Archive Treasures”

  1. just as we are in the topic, dohny came to me yesterday indicating how proud i should be cos he read my long arse post, i say, but u didnt comment!

    he says, but u didnt ask to comment oso!

    -_- so there. u have to ASK him terang-terang to comment wan.

    Adino: Hehe.. I see. Okay. Donny…. please please please comment *puppy eyes*

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