Adino’s First Day At School

I had a flashback to 21 years ago, when I first stepped foot in primary school at SK Sri Petaling in Petaling Jaya.

*cue that flash back, waves on the ocean sound you always hear in Lost*

I didn’t really know what was going on around me. Well, I knew it was my first day in school. I don’t remember if I was looking forward to it or not. Probably not.

My mother brought me to school, and we stepped foot in my class. I found myself in 1 Melur, which was at the end of the block facing the main road.

I remember three things very clearly from that day. One, my mother leaving me there and telling me she would wait in the canteen for me.If I remember correctly, she was wearing a blue Esprit t-shirt.

Two, there was a boy who wouldn’t stop crying. His face and eyes were all red.

Three, someone pooped in their pants that day, causing a little bit of drama in the class room.

It was a hot day, and I don’t remember what the teachers taught. I just remember being so bored during English lessons. They were teaching ABCs for goodness sake.

My teacher was a lady called Mrs Yoong, who was always dressed in cheong sams.

Recess time came and I just followed everyone to the canteen. I think I met with my mother… I don’t remember that. But I remember a lot of kids pushing all around me to buy food.

I remember assemblies at the hall. At that time, the library was still upstairs, and the hall was located where the library is now. But that’s a story for another day.

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8 thoughts on “Adino’s First Day At School”

  1. This post brings back so many memories. Those were the days…

    Adino: When I started writing the post, I remembered many other memories too. I also realized that it was more than 20 years ago. Sigh…

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