Adino’s Ancient Handphone

I thought I’d want to blog about my handphone today.

As you can see, it’s an older model Nokia. I don’t even know the model name. I borrowed this phone from my sister two years ago. And I’m still using it today.

The screen is cracked because I sat on it. There are countless chips and dents from when I dropped the phone.

Sometimes I wonder why I don’t upgrade to a newer phone. It’s not that I don’t have the money. The issue is, I’m not willing to part with the money.

Sometimes people don’t seem to understand why this is so. Sometimes even my wife questions me.

If you think that the money used to get a decent hand phone can be used to pay for one month’s housing loan payment, you’d be unwilling to part with the money too.

Each ringgit I spend today means paying the bank RM1.50 tomorrow.

There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with this Nokia phone. It still functions well. It’s just that I don’t get to snap photos. I don’t get any cool ring tones. The games suck. The keys stick together sometimes.

People look at me funny when they see my phone. It’s like:

1. *Stare*… “what… is that thing?”
2. *reach into pocket*… “ooh I got to check for messages and show off my phone at the same time”
3. *put down their phone on the table, next to mine*
4. *Stare at me with a smug look*

Everyone does this to me at meetings. I’m not bluffing.

Even the lady who cleans my office toilet has a better phone than me.

She puts her phone next to mine before she goes in to clean the toilet. (Okay, she doesn’t. But I swear I can hear her using her GPS).

“Walk one metre to your right. The pail is under the sink. Walk one metre backwards. Scrub 100 cm to the left. Rinse forty two cm high at 45 degrees angle. ”

I think I’m developing a condition I call hypo-fossil-paranoia. It’s an enhanced sensitivity to other peoples reactions to my old stuff.

Got any cure for this condition or not?

19 thoughts on “Adino’s Ancient Handphone”

  1. Dear Adino,

    Hah, I say keep the old handphone. As long as it’s usable, why change it? Lower radiation also mah…Me, I haven’t even got my first handphone yet, despite the insistent urgings of friends, colleagues and relatives….

    Hehe… And yeah, it’s good to be frugal! I think HP should be changed only once every 5 years (MINIMUM) 🙂


    Adino: I agree… I don’t think I need any of the new features in the current phones (thought GPS will be a nice toy!)

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