Adino Behind Bars

It’s time to get back to some regular programming in this blog. My overseas readers seem to be abandoning this blog in droves. My subscriber count looks like today’s KLCI index.

Last night I was a bit naughty and I ended up behind bars. Being the cheeky guy I am, I was still smiling in defiance.

That’s not a bruise on my face… it’s just a shadow.

I came home after band practice and this strong nesting urge just overcame me. At 12:30 midnight, I started building my baby crib. My sister in law Mei Lee (who happens to be Giddy Tigress‘ best friend) lent me this crib.

*whistle whistle* Making lots of noise while my wife was trying to sleep. She said it would take an hour, but I said, nah… I can finish in 15 minutes. I bugged her to take photos of me because I wanted baby Rachel to see this next time.

Do you think I need to lose weight? Actually it’s an optical illusion. The baby crib is really small you see.

1 hour later… it was finished!

Our happy family.

Don’t ask me why I hung my wedding photos unevenly. I was trying to be Mr Interior Designer but I can’t figure out where to put my baby photos now.


15 thoughts on “Adino Behind Bars”

  1. Ah, the crib is up! Soon, there’ll be a wee babe sleeping in it… *suddenly feels very maternal-like*

    See, Poey Chin was right… it took an hour to set it up. Lawl.

    Adino: You’re the only one who noticed! Yeah, she was right hehe

  2. Hmmm…. I must come and visit your site more often. I like the bold purple looks on wall. Very garang karer wor.

    Adino: Hehe… thanks. But that’s just the ‘feature wall’ in the room. The other walls are a light lavender.

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