About Dreams Again

Two nights ago I had a dream where I was in a house (looks something like one of the houses I stayed in before). I don’t know why but I jumped from the ceiling of the bathroom into the water tub (see? got bathroom again). I came out of the bathroom.

Suddenly I heard someone calling “Daddy!“. I turned around to see a young boy (looks like me when I was three years old) coming towards me, and behind him, his baby sister crawling towards me. The baby girl looks like my sister.

The boy asked me for chocolate and I gave him some. He was wearing this white T-shirt with red collar. Then he put his hands around his sister and smiled cheekily at me (looks exactly like me). I hugged them both.

I felt really happy hugging them. They had this really sweet smell (maybe their mummy makes them bathe twice a day). My son and daughter had big eyes (not small like mine). I didn’t want to let them go.

When I woke up I felt like I had lost something.

The funny thing is, yesterday Poey Chin was feeling unwell. Her period is late a week. I googled ‘early pregnancy symptoms’ and she’s 5 out of 10. However she’s not having any nausea (which is the typical symptom I’m guessing).
We’re thinking of getting a home pregnancy test.

I can’t wait to be a daddy. The only thing holding us back is we might be quite tight financially. I might have to go and sell burger outside my condo, or I might have to blog harder to get more income.

Stay tuned for updates (so ‘drama‘ hehe).

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