A Split Second

[Adino voiceover]

Tragedies often happen in just a split second.

A moment of assumption, the blink of an eye, within the space of a breath.

*There’s a rumbling sound in the background, imagine some waves on the sea side*

It only takes such a split second to change your life forever. At that moment, things could go either way. You could be at the right slot machine at the right time. You could make eye contact with the love of your life. You could kill someone.

*Rumbling sound intensifies. Flashback visual effect ala Lost*

Scene of Adino driving home after work. He has just finished a long difficult day at work and is looking forward to go home to his wife.

Adino approaches an intersection. The light is green. Everything seems normal. But you know something is going to happen. Something bad.

Two motorcycles see Adino’s black car still a distance away and beat the red light. When Adino reaches the intersection, a third motorcycle decides to try his luck. Who knows what this youngster was thinking.

Luck, cruel as she could be, decided to run out for that motorcyclist.

*SQUEEEEEELL* (and, might I add, a little bit of SKIIDDDDD!)

[Close up to Adino’s grim and face, swerving his car to the right]

CRASH! The motorcyclist is knocked over, and falls on the road.

Adino stops to assist.

The motorcyclist is shaken but unhurt.

This, however, is what happened to his Proton Wii-ra:

I don’t know if you can see the faint red boxes I drew around the damaged areas.

I’m left 20 ringgit poorer after fixing my number plate. But it had to be fixed anyway. It was broken in the middle and I had to duct tape it back together.

7 thoughts on “A Split Second”

  1. Motorcyclists think they rule here in Malaysia. Thank goodness nobody was hurt. RM20 is ok la… but I hope the motorcyclist didn’t ask you to pay for medical charges…

    Adino: No, he didn’t.

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