31 Flavours

photo by Asif Akbar

I wonder if I’ll get 31% discount for ice cream today, because I turn 31!

I scheduled this post ahead of time because I won’t be around. We will be traveling to Ipoh right after lunch.

I look back to a post I wrote when I was 28, and there’s so many changes in the past three years.

Some notable differences:

  1. I have less money in the bank account!
  2. Owe the bank even more money.
  3. More likely to lose my temper.
  4. My knees don’t hurt that much anymore because I’m 12 kg lighter!
  5. My pants size has gone from 37 down to 32
  6. I can understand baby talk
  7. I like eating duku langsat now (introduced by mother in law)

For interesting reading, you may also want to check out the post I wrote when I turned 29.

What do I want for my birthday? I’m not really expecting anything because I’m an adult now, and most of the time I can’t give anything in return.

Even after three years, my wish list remains more or less the same. A nice KFC meal and some socks would make me more than happy.

For the record, my favorite cake is German Black Forest. But don’t worry, I’m not picky and any cake is fine. Bonus points if there’s durian involved.

My secret wish is to have a relaxing weekend with well-behaved kids and maybe some bowling.

Will be back next week with photos!

Photo By: Asif Akbar

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