It’s another new year!

After the big hoo-hah and all the money everyone spent on fireworks, alcohol and party decorations, it is just another normal day after all.

If ETs were watching us, would they wonder why there was a need to celebrate a change in the calendar. Why celebrate a new year? Why not a new month? A new day? A new hour? Why don’t humans celebrate the passing of a decade? A millennium? (oh wait, we did do that… but one year too early!)

Perhaps it is the fact that humans have such a short life span. Each passing year or birthday is a celebration of… of… umm… You know, I can’t really think of a reason.

Could it be a subconscious global wish to forget about the terrible things we have done to each other in the previous year? Will wars stop, will rivalries cease to exist, will enemies come to peace?

On the other hand, should we congratulate each other on the victories and achievements that we have accomplished? What about those who have faced defeat or those who have fallen short of an accomplishment?

Is this the only time in the year when everyone can openly declare that they wish to turn over a new leaf? Why do we come up with new years resolutions anyway?

In 2008 I was expecting a lot of things to happen. There was supposed to be change in the country, a positive change that will give us hope for a better future. But then my hopes were shattered. It is the same after all. In some ways things have gotten worse.

Politicians will remain politicians no matter which side they are on. In my opinion, those politicians who genuinely want to serve the community (in actions, not only in words) are a minority. Shame on me for putting hope in politics.

There were some good and exciting things that happened in my life last year. I’m not saying that the year was full of only bad experiences.

I’m just talking about hopes and expectations. What do I expect in this new year? What should I expect?

To me it’s just another day, just another month. I didn’t wake up to a magically renewed life. I still have to go to work. In fact, I expect lots of problems at work today because incompetent programmers never consider things like a new year in their programs.

I still owe the bank a few hundred thousand ringgit. By the end of this year, I would have barely made a dent in settling my debt. That’s if I still have a job by the end of the year.

I apologize if my fatalistic thoughts have brought the mood down. I look at reality and I just don’t see any reason to celebrate the new year at all. There is nothing good to expect, and I guess that’s really sad (for me).

Maybe I am setting myself up at the lowest point possible so I can’t get disappointed. Maybe there will be pleasant surprises this year.

Maybe I just need to learn to be more thankful and optimistic. Wait, was that a new year’s resolution? Nah.


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