10 Reasons Why I’m Voting For Change

Tomorrow is polling day.

I have decided who to vote for tomorrow. I have decided since last year.

Here are ten reason why I’m voting for those candidates that are getting my one humble vote:

  1. I want to see corruption being kept to a minimum. I’m not pointing fingers at anybody, but the reality is absolute power brings many opportunities for corruption.
    There needs to be checks and balances to prevent the constitution being amended at leisure.
  2. I am tired of being treated like a brainless drone. The spins and half-truths being served to the public in the main stream media disgust me.
  3. I want Malaysia to progress economically. I don’t want my children working as maids in Indonesia or Vietnam.
  4. I wish to use my vote to record my protest against various issues that have been cast aside or denied by the previous government. Issues like the right to peaceful assemblies, religious restrictions, rising prices, abuse of position and funds, rampant crime and flip-flopping.

    Isn’t it funny how the government asked us to show our protest at the ballot box instead of street demonstrations, and then threaten us with lack of development and a lack of representation in parliament if we voted for others?

  5. I believe that the opposition manifesto shows the way to the future.
  6. As a Christian, I don’t feel that the previous government is promoting a culture of justice and fairness.
    I don’t believe for a moment that it’s against God’s command to vote for an Islamic political party just because I’m a Christian.
  7. I don’t feel that the previous government is capable of improving security, peace, harmony or prosperity, based on the ‘track record’ of the past four years.
  8. I don’t appreciate being labeled a liar just because I’m a blogger.
  9. I don’t want to keep hearing that Malaysia is not an Islamic State, but the opposite is subtly becoming a reality.
  10. I’m tired of seeing arrogant and haughty ministers who forget that they’re here to serve, not to be served.

Why are you voting for who you’re voting for?

9 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I’m Voting For Change”

  1. I’m voting more or less along those lines too. I think a lot of people are voting that way this time too, based on what I’ve been hearing on the street.

    Adino: I hope so too. We shall see.

  2. Re: #6

    Adino, I really wish more people thought like you. Here in the States, if you’re not Christian, then your campaign is effectively doomed. It’s very one-sided, and it breeds a culture that does not accept or tolerate people who are different (So ironic, since tolerance and acceptance are exactly the type of things Jesus taught!)

    Adino: Thanks Tom, and I hope you weren’t too blog with all the posts about politics, filled with foreign issues. You probably are hearing enough about McCain, Hillary and Obama!

  3. I have my vote decided a long time. I’m voting on the basis of the character of the person. Not just to express myself. I just trust these people because I know that when it comes to anything, I can count on the fact that they are good people. I’m lucky enough to know them. They are bound to make mistakes. So I’m ok with that. I just don’t want to put a character whom I don’t know and in the end turns out to be like the people currently holding power

    Adino: For me, character counts, but I place higher priority on the candidate’s leaders. It won’t help having a good person, but he or she is forced to follow bad leaders.

    At this point in time, I feel that better accountability, checks and balances is ultimately more beneficial to myself.

  4. Agreed. (But is this a safe way to promote your ideas?)

    Adino: I don’t think I have made any accusations or statements that can be considered as seditious or libelous. So in that sense I think I’m safe.

  5. erm..though i cant vote..but i agree with u adino..
    let them realise that we exist..
    and we have our say..
    we are not scared of them..

    Adino: I think they realize that we exist and they do let us have our say… it’s just that we’re forgotten once election season is over.

    To be fair, all politicians (from both sides) do give a lot of promises, and the natural human tendency is to take things for granted once they have achieved the position. So we will just have to see.

  6. It happened. I t really happened. I can’t believe it πŸ™‚

    Adino: I woke up at 5am to check the results and thought I was still dreaming


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