Blind Faith? Planting a Seed

I took this photo this morning from the little “plant corner” at my condo balcony. Can you guess what it is?

Maybe you can guess if you view from another perspective.


1.5 months ago I decided to save some durian seeds. Don’t ask me why I decided to save these seeds out of the hundreds I consumed in my entire life.

If I recall correctly, the durian tasted quite okay. Sweet. Not any special variety like musang king or red prawn.

I just looked at the seed.

“Yes, you are the chosen one,” I said. “… but if you don’t mind I’ll choose a couple more as backup.”

I don’t normally speak to my food. That would be crazy *weak laugh* haha…

But I don’t know. Sometimes eating durian can be a spiritual experience. Maybe it was some hallucination effect.

Anyway I found a YouTube video which suggested the following method:

  1. Clean the seeds by rinsing in water
  2. Wrap the seeds in some kitchen towels, put in a ziploc bag
  3. Put in some water so the towels are damp (but not too wet)
  4. Seal the ziploc bag and put it somewhere warm and dark.
  5. If the bag is sealed properly, the seeds will remain moist.

So I put the bag under my fridge for 4 weeks.

After 2-3 weeks I could see the seed start to germinate. Something like a green tongue will poke out of the seed and slowly turn brown. I think (and hope) that’s the roots.

2 weeks ago I bought a large pot with some normal gardening soil. I tried to position the seed so the root would be in the ground and the seed itself was just half buried.

Now, you must imagine when I’m doing all this. Poey Chin is looking at me and thinking to herself, “what funny thing is this man trying to do now?”

She reminds me that we live in a condo, and durian trees grow up to 30 metres tall. She also reminds me it take 10 years to bear fruit.

Well, I plant the seed in faith. In my mind, my durian trees will have a home in the future. This is motivation for me to buy a house (and a really tall ladder!).

I hope the seeds don’t die.

KL Bird Park

Early last month I took annual leave to bring the kids to the KL Bird Park. It was the school holidays so we wanted to bring them somewhere special.

We made our way to KL after the morning rush hour, and purchased our tickets at the counter. The ticket price for adults with MyKad are RM27. If you have AEON card, you can get a ticket for only RM20. Kids (aged 3-11) with MyKid can get tickets for RM13.

The photo above was taken at the souvenir photo stand. It was quite expensive but I thought it would be something memorable. The kids were terrified. The birds were heavier than I expected.

The Bird Park is quite a big place. I was just recovering from throat infection and fever. Thankfully I managed to make it through by walking slowly and taking many breaks.

When we first went in the aviary, this bird was following us. Later we realized that visitors could buy some bird feed to feed the birds. No wonder they were trained to follow humans around!

Honestly I can’t identify the bird species. Here’s one climbing on top of a bird cage.

The sun was shining but I remember it rained the night before. So the weather wasn’t too hot.

Some green birds on the green grass. Sorry I’m not being very helpful with the bird names here haha.

Caleb was really fascinated with the birds.

Caleb posing for a photo with an ostrich in the background. The kids had the chance to feed some vegetables to the ostrich.

The waterfall I mentioned in my previous blog post. It made me feel calm and relaxed.

I think these are flamingoes.

A bird walking on the metal railing with a dinosaur pose.

More flamingos. Looked like they were asleep.

A peacock. We saw six or seven of them.

We tried to take a photo near the peacock but the kids were to afraid to pose properly.

An indoor exhibit with egg incubators, chicks and ducklings.

Ducks running around.

Daryl making faces with grandpa while we were waiting for the Bird Show.

We left went home after the 12:30 show. We spent about 3.5 hours there.

What I liked about the KL Bird Park is how close you can get to the birds. The admission ticket is reasonably priced. There are a lot of birds to see. The bird show is entertaining enough to capture the kids attention.

The kids enjoyed themselves and we adults enjoyed spending the time with them.





I’ve been privately going through some times of uncertainty in the past few weeks. Change is uncomfortable, and I can’t make up my mind. I’m not sure about the path ahead. I don’t know if I’m making the right decision.

But I have been coming across rainbows and somehow it’s a bit comforting.

Here’s a photo of a rainbow in the sky. I saw this near my office one evening.

Here’s another picture. If I reach the office early, the morning sun is refracted through the office glass door, casting these rainbow colours on the wall.

I like this photo. The colours really contrast with the grey wall.

Finally I came across a third rainbow while visiting the KL Bird Park.

The rainbow is at the base of the waterfall.

I can’t explain why rainbows are comforting. Maybe it’s some memory of the story of Noah. The rainbow was actually a covenant between God and Noah not to flood the earth to kill everyone again. Kind of scary if you think about it (the part where everyone dies). But Sunday School teachers always use the story to talk about God’s promises and I think that’s the association I have in my mind.

Maybe it’s the colours of the different wavelengths of light. Always the same sequence. Consistent. Rainbows are really beautiful to look at.