Some Blog Maintenance

I’ve been spending some time going through my old blog posts and doing some maintenance work at the same time.

There were over 500 posts with most of them written between 2007 and 2014. Progress is slow because I can’t spend much time on this blog.

Just want to share what I’ve been doing (for anyone interested).

In today’s world, people are getting fired for things they’ve posted online decades ago. So, one of the things I’m doing is reading through my posts and deleting anything controversial.

It’s for this same reason that I’ve recently deleted all my past tweets and made my Twitter account private. I’m seriously considering doing the same for my Facebook account.

I’m also removing paid posts and posts that were only written to get page rank or page views… during those good old days when everyone was trying to make money blogging. I also find some of the posts are no longer relevant or suitable today.

Yes some of those “viral” posts bring visitors to my site and give some minimal ads income, but these posts give me no value since those visitors never interact with me and just leave the site.

I’m reducing the number of images to save bandwidth, because I’ve downgraded to a smaller web host package.

Some of my old blogger friends no longer have their blogs. I’m reviewing the links and removing those that no longer exist (some are even taken over by malicious sites!).

I’m enjoying this “new era” of blogging.

Things got a bit out of control in the past with people trying to make money through blogging. There was always this pressure of following certain norms to try and make your site rank higher in search engines.

This pressure is gone now. I feel can be free to do whatever I want with my blog now.

40 Years Old Today

It’s really scary how time is passing so quickly. In my mind I’m always thinking I’m living in my teens or twenties.

I guess some of the habits or life lessons I’ve picked up from that time are still with me. I don’t know if anyone else is like this, but at random times of the day I would have flashbacks and memories of my youth.

Today I reach a milestone where it’s traditionally the middle point of my life. Reflecting on this, I can sum it all as just feeling very fortunate and #blessed ( #StillIRise #GetInThereLewis ).

I’m happy that life seems to be quite stable at the moment. The kids are growing, my job is good, and financially we’re not too bad.

Of course I want to be more richer, to be more successful, to have genius talented children. But then I remember, what little things I have is already so much better than others who may not even have the basic comforts of life. Because of this I must learn to appreciate what I have been blessed with.

I feel so blessed to have parents, sister, aunties and uncles who have cared for me all my life, and who are still caring for me.

My parents and aunties

I feel blessed I have friends who like me for who I am.

I feel blessed for having a career doing what I love. In the last 20 years there are so many people who have mentored me, given me a chance (and many second chances!), and supported me. Not to mention all my teachers and pastors who educated me and got me ready for life. I won’t be where I am without all these people. I will never forget them.

I feel blessed for having a wonderful wife and three healthy children. Poey Chin is so patient with me, I’m so fortunate she’s my wife. She does so much for me and the children.

Group photo after a meal. See the misty clouds in Kota Tinggi Kemuning

Rachel, Daryl and Caleb, everything I have and all I will do will be for the three of you. You might not appreciate any of it now but I hope you realize this when you grow older.

As I reach 40, I feel very sad and fearful when I see my parents and relatives aging. I am also aware that I am getting to an age where I start getting into certain high risk health categories.

I wish it would be possible to become immortal so I would never have to be apart from my parents and children. But that is impossible for now, so I’ll try to cherish every moment.

I look forward to the next half of life. It will get more challenging but I’m confident I can get through it with the love and support of my family.

Flowering Gymnocalycium Borthii Cactus

One of the strange things I’ve started to do is to take care of some new pets. This is another one of my weird hobbies. Poey Chin tells me I love them more than her.

Today I’m going to share with you one of my successes.

The photo below was from 2.5 years ago, when I first bought the plant. It looks big here because of the zoom but the size was around 1.5 inches in diameter. The smallest pot you find when you buy cacti.

Last year around this same time, the cactus plant put out one flower bud but sadly it did not bloom. This year I was so excited when I saw two flower buds.

One week later, the first flower bloomed.

The next photo shows the entire cactus plant. When there is less sun, the flower will close up. The diameter at the cactus base is around 3-4 inches.

This last photo shows the flower in maximum bloom under full afternoon sun.

I hope I’ve got the name of the species right. There isn’t a lot of reference online and even fewer photo examples. I don’t even know the name of 95% of my cacti.

I don’t think I’m doing anything special regarding the plant care. The soil is my usual 50/50 mix of black soil and “cactus stones mix”.

This species of cactus seems to survive our Malaysian weather well so I keep it outside with full exposure to sun and rain. If it rains too frequently then I keep it out of the rain for a week.

Fortunately it also seems quite resilient to any pest attacks.

It doesn’t seem to propagate. There was a tiny baby growing at the side a few months ago, but I lost it when transferring it to a bigger pot.