Fixing Up the Laundry Room

We have this small room near the kitchen that we turned into a laundry room. It doubles up as part of our kitchen pantry / storage area.

When we first renovated the condo 6 years ago, I wanted to paint the walls. But nobody really went to that area except to wash clothes so it was low priority.

Then the wedding and 3 kids came, and it was abandoned. Slowly, it turned into a place for cockroaches to breed.

A couple of weeks ago my washing machine malfunctioned. Turns out there was a sock stuck in the drain outlet filter. After clearing the sock, the floor was all dirty so I cleaned it really good. Then I saw the walls again.

So last weekend we got some paint and I spent 7 hours painting.

Here’s the washing machine area before painting.

We chose two colours to match the blue floor tiles. Nippon 4245P Folkstone for the “wet” wall that looks grey; and Nippon 848 Flirtation that looks like light blue and purple.

Both colours looked lighter on the colour cards, so I guess one lesson is to buy one or two shades lighter than what appears on the printed cards.

We bought Odour-less Premium All-In-1. RM123 for 5 litres.

This is the washing machine from a side angle, so you can see the grey colour.

I repainted the ceiling too with white paint.

There’s some pipes coming from the ceiling. The previous color was light blue, but it was stained with some brick dust from drilling during renovations. There were also some water stains.

After repainting it looks grey. From this angle it stands out against the white ceiling, but if you look from the side, it blends into the wall.

There’s a PVC panel running across the wall that I’ve also painted over.

Some parts of the wall are uneven. I’m not sure if it’s concrete or cement. Not sure how to smoothen it so I just painted over the bumps.

This is a view of the opposite side of the room where we keep a storage shelf.

Fresh new look after painting.

Email Productivity Paradox

If you’ve been following my twitter feed you’d have heard me complain about falling behind on email.

A few weeks ago my work inbox was going to hundreds of emails and I couldn’t keep track.

It all started when I synchronized my office email to my phone.

The idea is I could use my free time at home or elsewhere to process and clear off my work email.

But the situation only got worse. When I was at home I wouldn’t want to check non-critical email. Some emails needed me to be at office to take action.

When I was at my office computer I wouldn’t want to process emails either, waiting to do it “later at home”.

Slowly my mailbox was growing and I started losing control.

The solution came by accident.

My phone battery was draining really fast (need charging after 6 hours). I eventually tracked it down to the email app. I had no choice but to remove my work email from my phone.

Battery problem solved.

Within one week I was back to processing emails on my work computer and now I have zero emails in my inbox.

Email problem solved too!

So it’s a paradox. I thought having more devices to check emails would make me more productive, but it had the opposite effect.

Creating Something New From Something Old

I’ve developed a new interest in creating things. I’m not very good at making things.

All my life I’ve scored really low marks or even failed art subject in school.

I don’t know if it’s from lack of technique or lack of focus. But definitely some lack of talent in terms of creativity.

Rachel’s colour pencil box was torn and I decided to create a new box from her Sustagen milk powder carton.

It was a coincidence that the milk box had the same height as the old box, so all I had to do was measure out the right width, make some folds and glue it together.

I cut out a bit of the logo from the old box and pasted it over the new box so she would know what was inside.

Rachel didn’t seem to have any reaction to the new box. Maybe she doesn’t like it but I’m just happy I managed to make something out of old cardboard box and some glue.